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A lightweight classic boot for training and recreational skiing with a torsion box tongue for added stability and the RevoWrap lacing system for a snug fit and all-day comfort.
A skate boot for training and recreational skiing with a breathable softshell lace cover and Revowrap lacing system for a snug fit and all-day comfort.
A universal boot for training and recreational skiing with a classic forefoot flex and ankle cuff for stability while both skating and classic skiing.
A powerhouse of a boot focused entirely on performance in the classic technique. Made in part from revolutionary injected carbon, it's hard and stable while maintaining incredible lightness. The anatomic footbed rests on top of the new Alpina sole providing maximum comfort and a significantly improved fit. In moments of pressure, this boot will hold the foot steady, ready, and dry until it crosses the finish line.
Skate like a champion with the new COMPETITION boot. Crafted on a firm and comfortable Alpina PRO SKATE sole, it provides the perfect ergonomic fit for your foot. This boot is designed for optimal performance in every turn. With injected hard carbon in the cuff and shell, it offers maximum stability without sacrificing its featherlight design. The Elite Gaither technology keeps your feet breathing, while the dynamic last enhances your agility. Elevate your game and achieve more with the COMPETITION boot.
Get ready to make your mark on the tracks with the new RACING COMBI. Specifically designed for beginners, this boot offers the ideal balance of ample room for your foot and the necessary support to keep you on your feet. Crafted from premium materials, this boot guarantees impressive results without compromising on comfort. Whether you're just starting out or looking to improve your skills, the RACING COMBI is the perfect choice to kick-start your skiing journey.
Discover the perfect companion for recreational runners who prioritize comfort without compromising on functionality - the new RACING SKATE. Designed with a relaxed fit, this boot ensures optimum comfort throughout your skiing experience. The original hard flex Alpina sole, cuff, and shell provide exceptional functionality and support, allowing you to maximize your performance on the track. Whether you're speeding down the slopes or enjoying a leisurely glide, the RACING SKATE delivers the perfect balance of comfort and performance.
Challenge the snow with the Snowfield boot. It comes in a stylish black and red color combination with TPU cuff and NNN BC ergonomic sole for comfort and stability. We also insulated it with Thinsulate and fitted an even better-fitting anatomic footbed to keep your feet well-rested when cruising through the fields.
Experience unmatched comfort with this exceptional boot, just like the T40. Engineered with an anatomic footbed and a more relaxed fit, it provides the necessary breathing room for classic runners. The new cuff offers additional lateral stability, ensuring your feet receive the support they need as you race through the woods. Say goodbye to discomfort and embrace a truly enjoyable running experience with this boot that prioritizes comfort above all else.
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