Conditions Updated 11/27/18

Sun Mountain

A nicely climbing ride to start your season with beautiful sweeping vistas at top. From town, a quick 3 mile jaunt up Twin Lakes Rd. to Patterson Lake Rd. From there, about 6 miles uphill gets you to the Lodge and views. Electric assist bikes allowed.

Chewuch Loop

An easy 14 mile loop connecting East and West Chewuch Roads looking down at the beautiful Chewuch River. Electric assist bikes allowed.


andrews creek

If you want a quiet road, beautiful scenery and lots of miles, try this option. On the West Chewuch Road, for a longer option which follows the river further up, continue past bridge on Road 151 to Andrews Creek for a 50 mile roundtrip. Electric assist bikes allowed.


Highway 20 to Washington Pass

Snow at top. This is a fairly strenuous climb that is well worth the effort for the outstanding views and epic descent. 61 miles roundtrip from Winthrop or 30 miles roundtrip from Mazama. Wear layers as temperature anc conditions change as elevation increases. Electric assist bikes allowed.


Winthrop South to Twisp + Carlton

Enjoy some lightly traveled side roads that parallel Hwy 20 south for about 20 miles to Carlton. Take East County Road south of Winthrop 9 miles to Twisp. Take the Twisp-Carlton Road 10 miles further south to Carlton. Electric assist bikes allowed.


Twisp River Road

Leave from the shop in Winthrop and take East County Rd. to Twisp. A short jog north on Hwy. 20 takes you to the Twisp River Road. Head up the gently climbing Twisp River Road for 19 miles to pavement end past agricultural farms, open fields and forests, all with spectacular views of the Twisp River and surrounding mountains. Electric assist bikes allowed.


Tour de Okanogan

Tough climbs, breathtaking decents and great terrain for riding this 105 mile loop. From Winthrop, take East County Road to Twisp, follow Hwy 20 over Loup Loup Pass and descend toward Malott. Take a right on the B&O Road through Malott toward Old Hwy 97. Take a right and ride until Old Hwy 97 meets Hwy 97, keep going until Pateros. Cross the Methow River and turn right up Hwy 153. Stay on Hwy 153 until you can take side roads: Gold Creek Loop, Twisp-Carlton Rd, East County Rd. Not feeling quite up to the whole ride? Use the Okanogan County TranGO bus service to shorten the ride. Electric assist bikes allowed.



"ready for anything"

For those variable weather rides, I like to wear Pearl Izumi Extremity Warmers -- for the arms, knees or full legs, depending on conditions. They're a great way to layer without carrying a lot of bulk, and can be easily shed as the day or the rider warms up.