The Pearrygin Lake Sno-Park winter trails are provided through a partnership between the Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission, the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife, and the dedicated trail groomers of Methow Fatbike. Please respect their time and efforts by being courteous to other trail users, respecting the conditions of use for this trail system, and respecting trail use designations and closures. Enjoy!

The trails of the Pearrygin Lake area are firming up and getting back into great shape with further attention from the grooming crew. All of the Lloyd Ranch trails and all of the trails in the campgrounds at Pearrygin Lake State Park were groomed last night. Please be mindful of any soft sections of groomed trail you encounter and keep tire pressures below 5psi. Choose other trails or lower your tire pressure further if leaving tracks deeper than 1". Keeping the trail surface free of ruts and deep tracks really helps us out and makes sure that everyone has a great winter trail experience. Enjoy the trails!

Don't forget, a Washington State Sno-Park permit is required to park in any of the three trailhead parking lots located in Pearrygin Lake State Park and makes this trail system possible. No trail pass is required to use the trails, only for parking. The Sno-Park funds pay for the plowing of trailhead parking, grooming equipment and maintenance, grooming staff, and fuel for the snowmobiles we use for grooming.