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Hala River SUP Workshop

Methow Cycle & Sport and Hala Gear will hold a River Stand-up Paddle Board Workshop with SUPPauL on Monday, June 24 & Tuesday, June 25, 2019.

In this two day, 8-hour workshop, participants will be introduced to the gear and techniques for running rivers safely on a stand-up paddle board. The first day will be spent going through the basics by getting wet on a lake. The second day will go with the flow by paddling a Class II section of the Methow River, learning to navigate through wave trains and eddy lines. At the end of the each day, there will be a River SUP Meet-up for river paddlers who already have their favorite section of river with SUPPaul joining them and is available to offer pointers and tips, analyze technique, etc.

All participants should be outdoor enthusiasts capable of kneeling uninhibited and standing independently.  Boards, paddles, and quick release leash systems provided. Participants should provide their own river SUP "uniform" including shoes, helmet, insulation (appropriate for ambient & water temperature), PFD, padding, and signaling device in the form of a whistle. S.H.I.P.P.S.

Cost: $50 for the two day event, $30 for each individual day. The Meet-up is free. To register and for more information, contact Methow Cycle & Sport at 509-996-3645.


Day 1:

Meet at a flat water location (lake TBD). Introduce the basics of river SUP, including:

* River SUP gear, boards, paddles, safety equipment, quick release leash systems

* River SUP "uniform" = S.H.I.P.P.S (Shoes, Helmet, Insulation, PFD, Padding, Signaling device in the form of a whistle)

* On water drills focused on staying low and keeping paddle in the water; falling/recovery; stance/paddle strokes for river navigation.

You are going to get wet. The purpose of this day is to build confidence in being dynamic on a board. 

Day 2:

Meet of calm section of river for a curriculum driven tour. Location TBD

Build confidence and basic skills to:

* Turn in and out of eddies

* Down steam and upstream ferries

* Navigation through small wave trains

* Fall safely and recover quickly

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