Conditions Updated 11/24/16

Bear Creek Rd + Pearrygin Loop

A good beginner 12-mile loop, about half pavement and half gravel, passing by Bear Creek Golf Course and Pearrygin Lake State Park.

Beaver Creek Loop

A 21.6 mile ride with 3,000 ft. up and down. Great local gravel loop. Beautiful climb on quiet Forest Service road. Wonderful views and fun decent!

Rendezvous pass to banker pass

A more challenging loop of 34 miles and 4,000 ft. up and down. Long climbs rewarded by long descents.

Twisp River Valley Loop

Challenging gravel loop with lots of elevation change, a mix of valley views and quiet forested riding. Start at Elbow Coulee to Poorman Creek, climb Black Pine Lake to Buttermilk Creek and finish on Thompson Ridge.

Winthrop Valley Loop

A challenging ride with lots of elevation gain in the first half giving you sweeping view of Mt. Gardiner and the valley, followed by quiet forested roads on the return. Start at Gunn Ranch Rd making for the Community Trail, then take Wolf Creek Rd Loop.


"Keep 'Er Moving"

For a great gravel ride that’s a couple hours long with a variety of terrain and scenery, I like the Lester Road—Beaver Creek—Balky Hill loop.

A few tech tips: Wipe your chain before and after lubing to keep your drive train clean. A dirty drive train wears faster and doesn’t shift as smoothly. Before each ride, bounce your bike on the road or trail lightly and listen. You’ll hear if your headset is loose, whether your quick releases are loose, or if you have a flat tire. Check your tire pressure before every ride. Properly inflated tires last longer, are faster, and more comfortable.